VPS setup’s – open source visualization software – DA licenses

VPS setup’s – open source visualization software – DA licenses

Was wondering how many da licenses I may need when I work out how to setup a vps server properly?

I’m know I need to install visualization software to do this, open source would be my first choice being my first time, than the later, more enterprise software.

Can someone recommend open source visualization software that they found that is simple to setup in your experience that would work nicely with DA.
I have read up about a few, although I want to make sure I am making the right decisions as they seem to do mostly the same thing, however each has some features that the other doesn’t, and comparing them can become a nightmare.

I don’t want to spend all my time fixing something. With DA it’s error free, in years I havent had anything go wrong, so DA is my first pick for the user control panel, just vps setup is now the choice nightmare.
Linux only Im looking for.
1. VMware
2. OpenVZ
3. VirtualBox

The server I intend to use is a Intel® Xeon® E3-1245 with 32gig and 3 x 3Tb drives.

Which one would you choose, why you would? wouldn’t us it?

How many da licenses would I need, 1, 2, 3 ?

I am assuming 2 da licenses is what I need.
-1 for the first container for the web hosting service portal, and;
-1 for the second container for users hosting websites.
Manage the second da panel from within the first da panel using say whmcs.
Users login to the second container’s DA setup to manage websites.
I login to the first DA panel to manage it all.

Would that be the correct thinking.

OR would this be a better way….

Should it be setup this way.

[1] Server with DA on it " The control web server as a VPS" The web hosting selling site, support etc..on one container, other containers for test areas or personal sites.
[1] Server "for customers website only" visualization (vps) setup with da on one container for user websites, and have seperate containers ready to sell vps’s or install another da on another container with other options like flash upgrade etc, or windows OS setup in that container, etc..

Anything helpful, ideas or tips, what worked for you when you started? what didn’t? what you may have done different? anything constructive would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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