virtual nameservers vs normal nameserver setup

virtual nameservers vs normal nameserver setup

Hi all,

I would like to start a little discussion to see how others think about the following.

As we all know ipv4 ip addresses are running short and every one try’s to spare them.

If you sell reseller hosting many resellers want there own nameservers so it will cost 2 ip adresses how ever you can select create virtual nameservers instead.
So basicly if you are going to create all nameservers virtual you can host all nameservers of all resellers with 2 ip addresses instead of more.

To do you off course first have to assing the ip’s to an reseller create the virtual nameservers remove the ip’s from the reseller and start over.

What do you thinks is the best technical way to use the nameservers add then with static own ip addresses or virtual as i discrib above.

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