Too many Brute force attacks from Google IP’s

Too many Brute force attacks from Google IP’s

I have alot of Brute force attack reports on my message system. Lately, in last 3-4 weeks i have lot more Brute force attacks and many of them are comming from google ip’s

Currently i have over 700 messages about brute force attacks from last 4 days. When i take a look over 500 of them are from google IP’s 209.85….. when i trace ip’s all they come from various google mail servers.

These are just messages about attacks when i open message every of them have reported from 500 to 900 attacks.



IP has 782 failed login attempts: dovecot1=782

When i look in detailed brute force attack i see attacks are failed login attempts through pop3


hosting dovecot[5451]: pop3-login: Disconnected (auth failed, 1 attempts): user=<tbn>, method=PLAIN, rip=

I don’t get any complains about spaming others and as i can see my server is not sending mass mails and spam.

How much these attacks are dangerous and how to get rid of these attacks. should i block whole range of ip’s or do some more security checks or what ?

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