Testing the .tar + rsync backup

Testing the .tar + rsync backup

It has been a while since the backup_gzip=0 feature has been added, and since I haven’t really found any threads about it, I decided to test it myself.

I’ve done some testing and from what I’ve seen so far it looks really good.

What I’ve done is the following:

– having a test VPS with a few sites on it (1 user with magento, 1 user with wordpress, other, and admin) – 3 cpu cores
the rsync script

– made .tar.gz backups to see how long it takes, and how much space it requires
– made .tar backups to see how long that takes, and how much space it requires
– rsyn’d the .tar files
– modified some files, database to get a different backup
– made .tar backups again
– use rsync again

This is the result:
.tar.gz backups:
80 MB

.tar backups:
213 MB

– Creating .tar.gz files took about 3 minutes.
– Creating .tar files was under a minute, xx seconds

First time rsync:


sent 91 bytes  received 83176231 bytes  3539417.96 bytes/sec
total size is 222105600  speedup is 2.67

Second time rsync:


sent 152532 bytes  received 129556 bytes  26865.52 bytes/sec
total size is 221501440  speedup is 785.22

In conclusion:
Though the .tar files take up more space, they’re way faster done. Because its not compressed, it can be rsynced and only changes will be transfered; saving time and bandwidth – yet you also have retention. Of course I tested this on a very small scale, but its supposed to work the same on larger numbers.

Is anyone using something similar like this, or has any thoughts on it?

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