SymLinksIfOwnerMatch and SSI Includes

SymLinksIfOwnerMatch and SSI Includes

Hello All,

One customer is installing OpenCart and encountered some problem.

In short, it is –

In a CentOS 6 x64 box with Apache 2.4.3 installed, then create a standard DA end-user account –

in /domains/ , and created a test.shtml –


<!--#include virtual="/index.html" -->

then, goto , the SSI webpage shall be working fine (i.e. display the index.html content)

If we create a .htaccess with –


Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

Then, the SSI (test.shtml) does not work, and it raises –
"AH01374: mod_include: Options +Includes (or IncludesNoExec) wasn’t set, INCLUDES filter removed"
– in the apache domain error log.

Do you have similar experience?

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