Strange Error During Backups

Strange Error During Backups


I have a DirectAdmin server that has been running perfectly since late last year, I have it set up to do Reseller level backups of each domain every night. The backups are stored on an ftp server on our local network that is accessed by our DirectAdmin server through a port forward set up on our router.

On Saturday morning I replaced our router with a newer model of the same brand. After transferring the configuration over I logged on to our DirectAdmin server and used ftp from the command line to verify that the port forward for ftp was working properly, it allowed me to connect just fine so I assumed all was good.

However, when the backups ran that night that I got an email that "An error occurred during the backup." I logged in to look at the detailed message and saw that 9 of 10 users backed up just fine, the user that triggered the error is the 7th of the 10 users and is by far the largest (that user’s backup file is about 45gb). Here is the message…


Could not read reply from control connection -- timed out.
ncftpput /home/tmp/admin/<username>.tar.gz: could not send file to remote host.

Now for the "Strange" part. I took a look at the folder on the server where the backups are sent to. The file that it said "timed out", <username>.tar.gz, was there and it was approx. the size I would have expected. I copied the file to my desktop and ungzipped, then untarred it, and as far as I can tell the backup is there and intact.

Clearly it would seem that swapping out our router had something to do with causing this issue so it is probably not specifically a Directadmin problem, however I am very confused about why I would be receiving the above error message if the backup is actually completed.

Does anyone have any tips on how I might troubleshoot this issue? I’m not sure if I should trust the backup I have or not. If the backup was really corrupt would I have been able to unzip and untar it successfully? I was under the impression that DirectAdmin created the backup file locally and then copied the file to the remote server, if this is the case and the file is intact it seems that the error message may be bogus, but I am not sure. I realize there is perhaps not a lot to go on here but if anyone has any ideas about how this could happen I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks in advance.

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