SMTP issues after installing Ioncube

SMTP issues after installing Ioncube


I installed Ioncube using steps mentioned here

PHP Code: 

The SMTP is being troublesome since then.
* I am able to receive emails in outlook
* I am able to send receive emails in roudcude
* I am NOT able to send mails using Outlook.

The message I see in /var/log/maillog is

PHP Code:

May  1 11:47:49 server dovecotauth-worker(15829): shadow(,ip.ip.ip.ip): unknown user

May  1 11
:47:49 server dovecotauthpasswd(,ip.ip.ip.ip): unknown user 

Error in Email Clients:

PHP Code:

[5/1/2012 11:58:43 AMMail and chat


Sending email failed
Maybe the SMTP server is not set up properlyEmail queued

I am not able to find solution of this error on forum.


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