RVMarketing posts and runs..

RVMarketing posts and runs..

I find it a little amazing that RVMarketing will come to this forum and post, V5 is here!! and runs off without allowing anyone to comment to his post or return to reply.

V5 RVSiteBuilder is filled with issues and does not work with DA.. they are using the customers to BETA test their software and work out the issues.. while the customers of the hosting providers get pissed off and your reputation is in question.

After an update to V5 there has been nothing but issues, and customer support as always takes days to reply.

I think they feel that are doing the hosting providers a favor by providing the software to them to use at a $120/year. 😡

There are other providers of Website Builders..



I don’t know.. RVSiteBuilder gets an F in customer… as for their software.. DON’T UPGRADE!!!

Their is my rant….

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