Roundcube Vacation Plugin

Roundcube Vacation Plugin


I am totally new to DirectAdmin…FreeBSD…Email/server side anything so please bear with me. I am having trouble getting help on this anywhere else.

Has anyone installed the roundcube vacation plugin and if so what driver does it need to use? Our users are not given access to the control panel so they cannot create their vacation messages in DirectAdmin but we do want them to be able to create their own from inside their webmail. I installed the roundcube vacation plugin from sourceforge and when the user logs into their webmail the vacation tab shows up under settings but when you click on the tab it says CONFIGURATION ERROR
Vacation plugin: Cannot login to FTP-server ‚mail.xxxx.xx’ with username: kxxxx.xxxx@xxxx.xx
Please read the INSTALL instructions!
I have read the install instructions over and over. I have tried settings for Ftp driver, SSHFTP, and both have not worked. There are other drivers listed such as Virtual/SQL, setuid, sieve driver. I think I might have to try the SQL one but like I said, I am totally new in this area and don’t want to have to go there if I don’t need to but at this point I don’t know which one or why?

Please help…and thanks in advance for any help on this matter!

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