[Release] Load Monitor 0.1 – Your server loads in a fancy chart :)

[Release] Load Monitor 0.1 – Your server loads in a fancy chart :)

Because I had no clue about the loads on my servers and I didn’t find a plugin which can tell me this I decided to create my own.

What does it do?
With a cron job it collects the data from the ‚top’ command and saves it into a database. The plugin shows the results in a nice chart (using Google Chart), you can click on a specific time to view the snapshot of ‚top’.

How to install
Download the plugin from this url: http://future-vision.nl/da/load_monitor.tar.gz then install using DA plugin manager.

After you’ve installed the plugin you will have to add a cron job to crontab, there is a script available to do this but I recommend to do this manually, just call the ./add.sh in the scripts folder in the interval you want. Specific commands and example are available in the Help section of the plugin.

What does it look like?

What does it cost?
Nothing, consider it my small contribution to the community 😮

Support? Bugs? Issues? Tips? Ideas?
I’ve built the plugin on a XEN VPS running Debian 6 64-bit and I’ve tested it too on a dedicated CentOS 5.5 32-bt server and it’s working fine on both.

You can post bugs/issues/ideas here but don’t expect me to fix them quickly or at all, I’m doing this in my spare time for fun. I’m not responsible for any screw ups on your server although I don’t really know what could go wrong with it.

Have fun with it, hope you like my plugin.

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