Problem with virtual includes

Problem with virtual includes

Wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers on this please. My server skills are limited, at best, and i have come to a halt.

I am trying to include the content of one file on my server inside another file. I know it can be done as i have it working here the code for that is <HTML>
<!–#include virtual="/sec/accessories/"–>

However, I cannot get it to work if I use the php version (I have to use the php to fully merge what I am trying to do)

The supplied code for that is <? virtual(‚/sec/accessories/’) ?> however when I output this to a page I see nothing, please see in the code of that page I see
<? virtual(‚/sec/accessories/’) ?>

I am at a complete loss as to why this isn’t working. I have disabled open base and php safe mode, I have restarted apache etc but just will not work.

I wish to include the content on a php page so I need the php version to work.

Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated


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