Problem in /tmp directory + undeletable file

Problem in /tmp directory + undeletable file

We got a Centos 5.x server with DA and a problem in the /tmp directory.
We have the /tmp secured and mod_ruid2 installed.

After a reboot of the server the /tmp directory was not cleared, session files from june are still present. That is not a big problem.

The problem is that we got this session file in there:


?--------- ? ?          ?            ?            ? sess_la5i8frhehjqibdompk59m24g3

Which really looks like displayed here. We can’t remove this.


rm sess_la5i8frhehjqibdompk59m24g3
rm: cannot lstat `sess_la5i8frhehjqibdompk59m24g3′: Input/output error

I thought with a reboot the /tmp directory should be cleared, why does that not happen?

And how can I fix this so this undeletable file will get removed?

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