One line (or more) command line via CP

One line (or more) command line via CP


last week it happend to me that i did a server update (CentOS) and ssh cannot start anymore cause openssl version issue (need to rebuild from update.script) but i wanst ofc able to log into server (da was working fine) so here my idea…

Would be nice have a place in CP where to run (as root with password required) a single command line (or more but single would maybe be easyer) where sysadmin can run command for diagnostic or solve problem (where possible).

Example, in my case was just enough run:
cd /usr/local/update.script && ./update.script OPENSSL && /etc/init.d/sshd restart

This command for sure was going to help me to solve this problem pretty fast instead the need to phisically log into the box directly with keyboard.

Can be done? Is it suggested? Maybe a directadmin.conf value for enable/disable it would be usefull for improve security.

Any hint?

Best regards

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