New Feature: Per-Email send limits

New Feature: Per-Email send limits


We’re happy to announce a new feature for the next version of DirecAdmin, allowing DirectAdmin Users to setup per-email send limits on their email accounts. Limits can be set to a global default (if unset), unlimited, or a numeric value, depending on what the Admin deems appropriate for their system.

This is based on the existing functionality in version 10 of the

allowing this to be managed in the skins.

Per-email limits, even if set to unlimited (if enabled), will still not be able to exceed their per-DA-User limit (/etc/virtual/limit, or /etc/virtual/limit_username)

For unlimited, set 0.
For a numerical limit, set the number.
To revert the setting for the current email/user to back to the global defaults, leave the value blank, and save.


In addition to the per-email lmiits, we’ve also added a per-DA-User limit, which can be set by the Resellers.

The Per-DA-User limit, if set, will override the /etc/virtual/limit (Admin Settings -> Daily Email Limit).
This means if a Reseller sets an unlimited value, then indeed, that User will have no limits on their sends, unlike the per-email limit.


Note that both of these features are off by default.

To turn them on, set one or both of following in your directadmin.conf and restart DA:



The limits for both of these options are set to -1 by default, which means they default to the global defaults:

If the user_limit does not exist, it uses the value from limit when setting a limit.. however one:

must exist for per-email counting to happen.
We recommend setting a default global per-email send limit:


echo 100 > /etc/virtual/user_limit

exactly as shown.

You can get these features now by installing the pre-release binaries

Note that our build boxes:
FreeBSD 7 32-bit
CentOS 4 64-bit
CentOS 4 32-bit

are currently down and the new pre-release binaries are not currently available.
Check the output from


/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin o

to ensure the date reads September 12th, 2012, or newer, to ensure you have the above changes.

Since this feature has not yet been released with DA in a "production" state, please keep questions/support requests to this thread.


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