Multi Server Setup

Multi Server Setup

I’ve received an unusual request from a customer and I’m not certain how to fulfill it. Currently he rents a dedicated server from us and he hosts over 300 accounts on it including his own domain which is providing the nameservers for all accounts. Now he wants to move only his main account to a separate server with minimal disruption of service for all the customers who will be left on the existing server using his nameservers.

I’d appreciate it if someone could help explain how this can be done using the Multi Server Setup. The customer understands that both servers require a DA license and that there will be some service disruption during this process.

To make this easier to follow I’ll use the fictitious domain name of "" for the customer’s own main account. On the existing server he and all customers are using and

Some questions:

  1. How do we handle hostnames on the two servers (e.g. and
  2. Do we tell him to register one new nameserver for the new box, like
  3. We are planning to use a TTL value of 600 on both servers, copy a backup of his main account to the new server, restore the account there, then delete the old account and activate Multi Server Setup on one or both servers; is this the correct procedure?
  4. When we activate the Multi Server Setup should it be on just one server or both?
  5. Which Multi Server Setup options should we use?

I just want to make sure that we have a working procedure before we start so as to minimize downtime, so any help is appreciated.


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