mod_ruid2 and sendmail return envelope path

mod_ruid2 and sendmail return envelope path

Hello everyone,

recently I installed on my CentOS box the ruid2 mod to apache in order to eliminate problems in file / directory permissions for CMS like joomla, etc..

Since that time, the


php_admin_value sendmail_path '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f USERID@USER's DOMAIN'

directive in the httpd.conf for every domain was working great and each message had the correct Envelope-from header (the directadmin user @ user domain name email address).

After the mod_ruid2 installation the above directive stopped working.

So every email initiated by php’s mail() is having as an envelope-from (and return path / bouncing) email address
USERID @ localhost.servername which ofcourse is invalid and stays in the queue..

Is there a way to re-estate the USERID@userdomainname header as it was, without loosing the ruid2 php running as user functionality?

Thank you in advance,


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