migrating from hsphere, dns records???

migrating from hsphere, dns records???

bear with me here. I know I’m asking a lot, but documentation shows how to set up. Not to migrate. So please let me know if this is correct:

Original nameservers for use with hsphere with "domain.com" were ns: *.*.*.88 and ns2: *.*.*.81

DA was assigned .20 & .246 ip addresses, so…
nameserver "domain.com" is now set up at registrar (godaddy.com), adding ns3 & 4. Currently it’s this:

ns *.*.*.88
ns2 *.*.*.81
ns3 *.*.*.20
ns4 *.*.*.246

I got to IP Management on new server (admin cpanel): Add the two below: (actually .246 was added already. I simply added .20)

*.*.*.20 free admin 255.255.255.*
*.*.*.246 server 9 users 255.255.255.*

On reseller, IP config on new server (reseller cpanel): (Again, I added .20 myself)

*.*.*.20 free
*.*.*.246 server 9 users

Does this look correct? I really just want to make sure that everything is set up correctly since I’m having a lot of trouble with da right now.

Not to mention I think my own computer has been blacklisted somehow.

Also, assuming the above works, afterwards, if a site is to go to the NEW server, say client.com. On their REGISTRAR (godaddy),
they’re at ns & ns2.domain.com. Do I ADD ns3 & 4 or do I CHANGE to ns3 & 4?

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