LibXML2 2.9.0 Released

LibXML2 2.9.0 Released


LibXML2 2.9.0 is now available in all 3 custombuild versions.

A new options.conf setting exists to access the new xml2 version (instead of 2.7.6), should you wish to install it:



For 1.1 and 1.2, the default is (for now) set to "no", since there have been issues in the past with xml2, xslt, and zlib.

To install this new version, type:


cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build update
./build set new_xml2 yes
./build libxml2
./build libxslt
./build php n

If libxml2 won’t compile, then simply set the new_xml2 option back to "no".

Please allow up to 24 hours for the sync of all files mirrors with these changes.


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