Issues after upgrading Apache 2.2 to 2.4 via CustomBuild

Issues after upgrading Apache 2.2 to 2.4 via CustomBuild


From some reason, after upgrading Apache from 2.2 to 2.4 through CustomBuild I got a lot of issues caused by this upgrade.
the first one is that I still see the old conf files of versions 2.2 in the /etc/httpd/conf/ and few of them don’t even compatible with version 2.4(for example, they using in the old Authorization which cause Apache to not work at all).
the second issue is getting Forbidden error to every directory that called "uploads". the temporary solution I found is to comment this lines in "httpd-dav.conf":


#<Directory "/etc/httpd/uploads">
 #  Dav On

 #  AuthType Digest
  #  AuthName DAV-upload
    # You can use the htdigest program to create the password database:
    #  htdigest -c "/etc/httpd/user.passwd" DAV-upload admin
    #AuthUserFile "/etc/httpd/user.passwd"
  # AuthDigestProvider file

    # Allow universal read-access, but writes are restricted
    # to the admin user.
    #  Require method GET POST OPTIONS
      #  Require user admin

But what is the permanent solution for that and why did it happen in the first place?
the last issue I have is that all the webapps won’t working. I get Forbidden error every time I’m trying to reach them.

I’m using in mod_ruid2.
I know that this might be related to this issues because it’s all about ownerships but I also using in CustomBuild 2.0 and there is native support to mod_ruid2(and I configure mod_ruid2 with the CustomBuild of course).

I’ll be glad for any help in this issues! 🙂

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