IMPORTANT: If you manually create your Admin task.queue backups, read this

IMPORTANT: If you manually create your Admin task.queue backups, read this


This issue applies to anyone who has manually created a root cronjob in ssh to create a backup to the task.queue in a similar manner to this guide.
If you create all of your backup cronjobs through the internface, it does not apply.

Also, this only applies to those manually created jobs which use the what=select option, where specific backup options can be selected.

Unless you’ve updated your cronjob to have option123=database_data, your databases may not get backed up.

The introduction of this feature has a new "Database Data" option, allowing the Admin to include or exlclude their sql files from the backups. The option database_data_aware=yes is used in the configs to let DA know that we’re aware of the option, and if option123=database_data is not present, database_data won’t be included.

The desired logic would be that, if database_data_aware=yes is not present, and option234=database is present, that DA would automatically add option123=database_data. The bug ix that DA isn’t adding it, hence the fix.

Since this is a very rare case, and DA does update all of it’s managed configs correctly, and manual coding of backups comes with it’s own inherint risk, an immediate new release of DA will not be made. Instead, please update your cronjobs to have option123=database_data&database_aware=yes.

Pre-release binaries will have the fix, and should be uploaded within a few days.



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