.htaccess in deeper directory not working

.htaccess in deeper directory not working


I’ve moved a client to another newer server and I’ve found out his new site under domain.nl/staging/* isn’t working correctly while this was fine on the old server.

– domain.nl is working fine, including mod_rewrite
– domain.nl/staging is showing the actual new website
– domain.nl/staging/page is showing domain.nl whilst /staging/page is in the url

CentOS 5.5
Apache 2.2

Debian 6
Apache 2.4

Both / and /staging have their own .htaccess. It seems it’s only using the /.htaccess and not the /staging/.htaccess. How can I enable that higher .htaccess files should be used over lower ones like on my old server?


the .htaccess files in deeper dirs are actually working but this one isnt for some reason. How can I view the log errors in mod_rewrite?

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