Help with [D]DoS attacks

Help with [D]DoS attacks

Recently I’m having issues with some dumbo kiddoes who are attacking my website ,
the httpd pid’s just go crazy and the server is overloaded, no available memory until I shut down the httpd process, which leads to many tickets from my clients.
My friend adviced me to install nginx cause he thought they are using slowlaris,
I Installed danginx [ 15 Days Trial ], The website was quite faster, but now the attacks are back and the danginx isn’t helping, and I’m not able to do anything, barely could shut the process through DA, Can’t even connect to the SSH, lucky the VePortal is working.

here’s a picture :

Any ideas that could help? thanks.

I got the csf+lfd,
everytime the attacks come the process just shuts down on its own.


This message has been automatically generated notifying you that the service lfd is currently down.

help =/

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