Hardening DA box against improperly installed scripts like Joomla, WordPress etc.

Hardening DA box against improperly installed scripts like Joomla, WordPress etc.

I have a few DA boxes in production and I am tired of users running things like Joomla, WordPress and the like and not keeping them up to date and/or chmoding directories to 777. I have one user who chmoded the whole public_html dir as 777.

I know I can try my best to crack down on my hosting customers and tell them to not do these sorts of things. It would be great if they would listen or even understood what I was telling them.

Since I can’t count on hosting customers to do the right thing, my question is how can I best protect my DA servers from these scripts being used improperly and causing script kiddies to do bad things to my servers?

I am aware of the standard stuff in the DA KB and have implemented some of these things long ago, I will be implementing others soon.

Other than the standard list of things in the KB article, I would love to hear suggestions on what others are doing successfully to protect against evil Joomla and WordPress installs.

My problem right now is that I have one DA box that’s been compromised and I can’t tell how bad and where/how they got in. I am moving sites off the compromised box to a clean box that’s already got sites on it.

I don’t want to move the problem to my other server! So, I want to harden it against these sort of scripts before moving the sites from the other server.

Keep in mind that this is a LIVE production server with a bunch of sites on it already, so I can’t just put things in place that will take out a bunch of existing websites/scripts in place already. If I need to I will but the least impact as possible to existing users on the clean box would be great.

If a script is installed improperly then I don’t care if it goes down when I move it as it needs to be addressed anyhow.

Thoughts, opinions would be great. Thanks in advance.

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