Filezilla access to diradmin:diradmin files

Filezilla access to diradmin:diradmin files


I have disabled root ssh access and I normally use a user ssh account to get access to my sever before using an ‘su –‘ to get root access if required.

I want to get access to the skins files through Filezilla to have a play with them.

When I login with user www-user I seem to be jailed the .ssh folder using the ‘ssh file transfer protocol’ in Filezilla. I have the same issue with winscp.

What is the best way to get access to the skins file on a Directadmin server without reducing the security of the server.

On an debian server without a control panel I would normally set my apache files to user www-user (apache runs under user www-data) so that I can login with the www-user ssh user account and adjust the webserver files without having to enable root access for Filezilla.

I am guessing that I cannot change to ownership of the Directadmin diradmin:diradmin files to another ssh user www-user:www-user. Therefore, how do other Directadmin customers get access to their skin files without enabling root ssh access?

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