Email vanishes into the nothing, big problem

Email vanishes into the nothing, big problem

New server, completely setup with DA, exim and dovecot as always.
For some strange reason, email does not appear in the inbox of the users but just vanishes into the nothing.

This is the exim mainlog:


2012-03-29 14:21:04 1SDELg-0007TT-BU <= ( [78.46.xx.xx] P=esmtps X=TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256 S=1052 id=B20C777FB4C24F61860DCCE14A8A0FC1@pcxp T="test" from <> for
2012-03-29 14:21:04 cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 1SDELg-0007TT-BU
2012-03-29 14:21:04 1SDELg-0007TT-BU => user <> F=<> R=virtual_user T=virtual_localdelivery S=1215
2012-03-29 14:21:04 1SDELg-0007TT-BU Completed

Completed it says, so no funny things.
All domainnames in /var/spool/mail are 0 bytes big.

This is the content of /etc/virtual/



Looks also good.

But no mail is to be found.
Accounts were restored from another server, but I can’t imagine that it has something to do with that.

How can I fix this?

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