Dovecot v2.1.4 released

Dovecot v2.1.4 released…1.4.tar.gz.sig

+ Added mail_temp_scan_interval setting and changed its default value
from 8 hours to 1 week.
+ Added pop3-migration plugin for easily doing a transparent IMAP+POP3
migration to Dovecot:
+ doveadm user: Added -m parameter to show some of the mail settings.
– Proxying SSL connections crashed in v2.1.[23]
– fts-solr: Indexing mail bodies was broken.
– director: Several changes to significantly improve error handling
– doveadm import didn’t import messages’ flags
– mail_full_filesystem_access=yes was broken
– Make sure IMAP clients can’t create directories when accessing
nonexistent users’ mailboxes via shared namespace.
– Dovecot auth clients authenticating via TCP socket could have failed
with bogus "PID already in use" errors.

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