Directadmin 1.42.0 has been released

Directadmin 1.42.0 has been released


DirectAdmin 1.42.0 has been released.
This is a major version with many new features and bugfixes.

The full list of changes can be found in the versions system

  1. CustomBuild 2.0 BETA with mod_ruid2 by default, but supporting php-fpm. Template changes, Safemode changes
  2. TTL to the DNS Admin
  3. Backup ID and timestamps added to backup results
  4. /mask when adding IPv6 IPs
  5. Per-DA-User mail limit (requires v.10)
  6. Per-Email mail limit (requires v.10)
  7. |PACKAGE| Token for all dns_*.conf templates.
  8. Load Spike Notice pre/ scripts to allow custom actions on high load.
  9. Automatic unblock for BFM, after X minutes
  10. Per-Service memory usage display on Services Monitor page
  11. Important changes for command line created database backups
  12. DKIM keys to be 2048-bit and multi-line TXT records

Plus many other changes. See the full list for more info.

If you have an automated system that attempted to update yesterday, and if you got errors, please try the update again, or do it manually, eg:

Yesterday, there was a large number of requests in a very short period of time (likely due to automated cronjob updates), so some connections were refused.
The daupdate system is set to redirect requests to the files servers if the load is high, but the DA boxes need to support the redirect=ok option, which likely not all older boxes do. In any case if you got an error during an update yesterday, please try it again.
If you still have issues you can always send us an email.

Note that our FreeBSD 6.0 build box is currently down, so the binaries are still set to the old 1.41.1 binaries.
If you have FreeBSD 6.0 and are wondering why the update isn’t doing anything, that would be why.

Also, CentOS 3 binaries will now use the CentOS 4 32-bit static binaries (they seem to work fine after some testing).
We will no longer be making binaries for CentOS 3.


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