difference between reseller disk stat and user disk usage…

difference between reseller disk stat and user disk usage…


I’ve got this problem and have been checking a bucket full of solutions but none seem to do the trick.

One of my resellers with uid 504 uses according to the reseller panel: 4009.6/4000 Mb.
(this apears in the list user overview (CMD_RESELLER_SHOW) as well when the reseller logs in:


Disk Space (MB)        4009.6        4000.0
Bandwidth (GB)        3.1763        unlimited
E-Mails        31        unlimited
Ftp Accounts        19        unlimited
Databases        9        unlimited
Domains        8        unlimited
Users        7

BUT, when he switches over to user level: "CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN"


Disk Space (MB)        2360.9        4000
Bandwidth (GB)        0.3785        unlimited
E-Mails        7        unlimited
Ftp Accounts        8        unlimited
Databases        3        unlimited

As you can image this is very anoying as he now recieves mail that he is over his disk quote, but in fact is only using 3/5th of that…

when searching for files –> nothing shows up
commands used:


find / -uid 504 -path '/home/christen/' -prune"
du -hal /home/christen/

2.3G .
quote -v is showing:


[root@digel ~]# quota -v christen
Disk quotas for user christen (uid 504):
    Filesystem  blocks  quota  limit  grace  files  quota  limit  grace
      /dev/sdb1 2392840  4096000 4505600          32945      0      0

And am now out of idea’s…

Anyone who can shed some light on this situation?

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