Dabackup.com :- Directadmin Backup Plugin , incremental / compressed

Dabackup.com :- Directadmin Backup Plugin , incremental / compressed

About Dabackup:
Dabackup is a directadmin backup plugin . This plugin can take both compressed and incremental backups to a local storage location or to a remote storage location via ssh. This plugin will support seven days backup retention . Dabackup plugin is a full directadmin compatible backup plugin. So these backups can restore in any directadmin server with/without the help of dabackup tools.

Some Features:

Please see some of the main features below,

Directadmin Compatible Backups:Dabackup is a directadmin compatible backup plugin. You can use the backups to restore in any directadmin server using the directadmin built-in tools or dabackup tools.
Support Local And Remote Storage:Dabackup can store in your local disk or remote disk. For remote storage , you only need a storage ssh account.
Daily, Weekly And Monthly Backups:Dabackup can take daily , weekly and monthly backups.
7 Days Backup Retention:Dabackup will support 7 days backup retention. So your backups will be protected by 7 days backups.
Compressed And Incremental Backups:Dabackup can be configured as compressed or incremental backup. Compressed backups will save disk space which incremental backups will reduce server loads during backup time.
24×7 Support:We provide 24×7 technical support for Dabackup plugin.

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