Custom subdomain over https (SSL) on custom port

Custom subdomain over https (SSL) on custom port

Hello guys,

Here is what I want to achieve:

Say I have a CRM system installed on a server. It runs on port 8073 through http, but it also might run on port 8074 through https.

I have a self signed certificate/key generated for it.

CRM’s www directory is in different place than all the rest of websites, say, in a custom added Linux user’s home directory.

I have only one shared IP.

What I would like to have is:
1. A subdomain crm. being created automatically for each domain which would point to and would use same certificate/key for each domain
2. Some virtual host configuration which would use only one domain, say, and wouldn’t get overwritten by DA.

What would be the best and cleanest way to achieve this with DA?

Thank you!

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