curl 7.25.0 released

curl 7.25.0 released

curl 7.25.0 is released. Its already in custombuild, if you don’t yet see it, it just need some time to propagate to all servers. Her is changelog:


Fixed in 7.25.0 - March 22 2012

configure: add option disable --libcurl output
--ssl-allow-beast and CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS added
curl: use new library-side TCP_KEEPALIVE options
Added a new CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH option
Added support for --mail-auth
--libcurl now also works with -F and more!

--max-redirs: allow negative numbers as option value
parse_proxy: bail out on zero-length proxy names
configure: don't modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH for cross compiles
curl_easy_reset: reset the referer string
curl tool: don't abort glob-loop due to failures
CONNECT: send correct Host: with IPv6 numerical address
Explicitly link to the nettle/gcrypt libraries
more resilient connection times among IP addresses
winbuild: fix IPV6 and IDN options
SMTP: Fixed error when using CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY
cyassl: update to CyaSSL 2.0.x API
smtp: Fixed an issue with the EOB checking
pop3: Fixed drop of final CRLF in EOB checking
smtp: Fixed an issue with writing postdata
smtp: Added support for returning SMTP response codes
CONNECT: fix ipv6 address in the Request-Line
curl-config: only provide libraries with --libs
LWIP: don't consider HAVE_ERRNO_H to be winsock
ssh: tunnel through HTTP proxy if requested
cookies: strip off [brackets] from numerical ipv6 host names
libcurl docs: version corrections
cmake: list_spaces_append_once failure
resolve with c-ares: don't resolve IPv6 when not working
smtp: changed error code for EHLO and HELO responses
parsedate: fix a numeric overflow

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