Change location of the main website

Change location of the main website

Hi there!

I have a website hosted in DirectAdmin. It is about a static website, which has to be replaced by a new joomla site. I need to move the site in a specific directry (eg. "old") but also to be accessible with its URL (eg. and without index.html redirection, as I want all the Google indexed page to continue working properly. I need to that because I want to make the joomla installation in the root directory and start building the new site, without downtime of the old site.

I tried "Domain pointer" (with and without alias), "Site Redirection" and "Subdomain Management". Nothing worked like I wanted. I did make the opposite scenario working, which means that I could access the website located in the root through the URLs and/or, but this is not what I need. This will work fine for the new site, where I can build it in the root and make pointing the root (with a domain pointer as alias). But this is a step 2.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and your views.

Best regards,
Angelos Pitsos

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