API reset ownership on given path

API reset ownership on given path

Hello members,

This is my first post.

As I am more getting into Direct Admin I want to make use of the API’s.
In particular I want to know how I can use the API to change the ownership based on a given path.

I can login not as admin, but the client account. And browse throught the file manager. Options like reset recurvely’ or ‚reset ownership’ is working well.
But now with the API I cannot get this working.

This is my code:


$path = '/domains/kljfdkdf.nl/public_html/domains/mydomain.nl';
$sock->query('/CMD_API_FILE_MANAGER' . $path,
                          'action' => 'resetowner',
                          'method' => 'recursive',

$result = $sock->fetch_parsed_body();

The answer I get is:
-You cannot execute that command
The request you’ve made cannot be executed because it does not exist in your authority leve

I have Direct Admin version: DirectAdmin v1.40.1

Does anyone has an idea?

thanx in advance.


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