Apache + Lighttpd for static files

Apache + Lighttpd for static files


I am using Apache as web server that redirect by proxy specific subdomain static.example.com to Lighttpd. Lighttpd works on another port than Apache, but on the same IP and server.

My website server flash games ans images so sometimes it takes a while to load content, but I was using KeepAlive ON with no problem.

Now, I reinstalled OS from Debian 5.0 to Debian 6.0 and when I turn on KeepAlive I have all 24GB server memory consumed by Apache and 1002 process running. I want more and allow more, but there is probably no more memory.

My previous configuration on Debian 5.0:

KeepAlive ON
<IfModule mpm_prefork_module>
StartServers 25
MinSpareServers 10
MaxSpareServers 35
ServerLimit 3520
MaxClients 3520
MaxRequestsPerChild 150

I didn’t checked how much memory and processes Apache consumed, because it worked.

On Debian 6.0 I had to switch to KeepAlive Off and I also decreased ServerLimit and MaxClients to 1000, because there is max 400 processes when KeepAlive is off.

Is something different on Debian 6.0 regarding Apache + Lighttpd?

When I was using Lighttpd through Apche proxy and when a large game is loading then Apache still keep process instead of killing it?

Could I upgrade something to have KeepAlive On?

I tested website with KeepAlive off on Google Page Speed and this tool said me: "Turn On KeepAlive. Your website sucks without it"
I tested this configuration on two servers with identical hardware. There was 1002 apache processes and 22 GB memory consumed. I checked it on munin. It was committed memory.
There is also PHP 5.4. Before was PHP 5.3

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