Adjusting aggressiveness of Brute Force blocking?

Adjusting aggressiveness of Brute Force blocking?


I have setup BFM and CSF on my VPS Server. I have modified the block_ip and unblock_ip sh scripts to be usable with CSF. So BFM detects the brute force attempts but CSF actually handles the blocking with the CSF deny file, but enables the BFM monitor section in DirectAdmin to work in conjunction.

My question is, is there any easy way to specify how aggressive the brute force blocking is? While brute forcers are being automatically blocked no problem, I’ve noticed they are able to make a good 30 sometimes even 40 attempts before being blocked, this seems too long and should be blocked sooner.

I have the notify settings both set to 10. Is there anything else I can change to make the brute force blocking more aggressive?



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