custombuild proftpd and dovecot question

custombuild proftpd and dovecot question

Previously I have always been using my own dovecot and proftpd configuration files but now I use custombuild as much as possible.

Couple questions:

1) If I understand correctly, by using custom build – the configuration files are also managed – making changes to the software due to new versions easier. Any modification to the dovecot.conf for example will not stay there if I run a update (i lose modifications). Is that correct?

2) If question 2 is correct, how do I make customizations to these files? Is there a include custom conf option? so I can overwrite certain things? I want to add: disable_plaintext_auth = yes (personaly I think this should be set to yes in the default configuration anyway)

(I want to make these changes :

3) Same goes for exim -> it also is managed by Custombuild (config file). How to make changes to this manualy for SSL?


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