[BUG?] Apache 2.4.3 with php5.4.10 (php-fpm) -> images loading partially

[BUG?] Apache 2.4.3 with php5.4.10 (php-fpm) -> images loading partially

Hello, since we’ve switched to the new CustomBuild 2, there is one issue that we can’t resolve.

In some situations the content-length is incorrect, which causes images to load partially. When we reload the page with the images a few times, they load completely.

We suspect a problem with the Apache mod_deflate/gzip (compression, right?) module, but disabling this in httpd.conf does not make a difference.
(Commenting out the whole ‚Include conf/extra/httpd-deflate.conf’ part)

How can we resolve this issue? Do other users experience this too, or is it something that happens in special circumstances?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

More details about the server:
VPS on a ESXi host
Debian 6 32bit OS
Fresh install, no compile errors when first installed
DirectAdmin 1.42.2 pre-release release (most recent version)
Apache 2.4.3 with mod_ruid2 0.9.7 and php 5.4.10 php-fpm

Additional header information:
PrinsContentLength1.png > initial request on the web page and response
PrinsContentLength2.png > single request when viewing image directly (see the size difference!)

Attachment 1448
Attachment 1449

See yourself by typing over the domain name from the pictures (no linking directly in the topic because of Google indexation)

We’ve tried uncommenting
#EnableMMAP off
#EnableSendfile off
With no luck.
Reference to http://www.directadmin.com/forum/sho…t=45300&page=1

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